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How to convert a number printed in a string into integer?

Thank you.

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The is procedure Val:

procedure Val(S; var V; var Code: Integer);

This procedure operate on decimal and real numbers.


  • S char sequence; for proper conversion it has to contain ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘,’, ’.’, ’0’..’9’.
  • V The result of conversion. If result going to be an Integer then S can't contain ‘,’, ’.’.
  • C Return the position of the character from S, that interrupt the conversion.

Use cases:

Var Value :Integer;

Val('1234', Value, Code);  // Value = 1234, Code = 0
Val('1.234', Value, Code); // Value = 0, Code = 2
Val('abcd', Value, Code);  // Value = 0, Code = 1
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You want Val().

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You can use Val function.


   sNum: String;
   iNum: Integer;
   code: Integer;

   s := '101';
   Val(s, iNum, code); 
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 Textval := '123';
    Val(Textval, Number, Code)  ---> Code = 0, Number = 123

   Textval := '12345x2';
   Val( Textval, Number, Code)  ---> Code = 6,  Number remains unchanged;

Val( TextVal, Number , Code) which converts String to a number. if possible the result of code = 0, elese error indication number.

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You can use like this,


i: integer;
s: string;
str(i, s);
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