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Does anyone have any idea about a good school management module of OpenERP ?

Also, I want to create a very basic application in OpenERP that would just display a form to get user data, like name, email, add. store it and then show the report when required.
Please assist how should i get started with.

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https://launchpad.net/school-base-openerp-module but it doesnt work on openerp 6.0.1+ . Sometime ago as a partime-money-making-project I made a school module based on openerp after considering requirements of dozen of Indian schools/collegs and provided them with the solution. If enough interest is there, I can maybe opensource it on github.

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You can explore app.openerp.com for the same, I have done some for you you can click following link OE School MOdules, but yes this module may very as per their version so you may need to port the code as per your OE Version, Else enjoy freedom of OpenSource ;)


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Take a look at the Training modules on openerp apps...


They were updated some time ago to work with v6.1

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