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I can see why it chooses to stop after it's found a given number of errors.

But why stop at 102? Why not 99, 100 or 128?

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Ah, us programmers, considering 128 a nice, round number. :) – sbi Nov 5 '10 at 11:57
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According to Microsoft this is by design.

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Not sure but I think that it's like 101 is the first value over 100.
Then add one for the too many errors error and you get 102.

But the rule might be when it reaches over 100 errors.

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Perhaps it stops after the file that contains the 100th error.

This would mean that if the error count was 99 (say) and there were 3 errors in the file it would report all three giving 102. If there were 5 errors then it would report 104.

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