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Is there a difference in the way SQL interprets the logical operators AND and &&?

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You can use && and and in conjunction with each other. WHERE title='cabbage' && type='vegetable' OR title='cherry' && type='fruit' –  desbest May 7 at 17:14

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For mySQL: The manual is not saying it explicitly, but they are listed as identical:

AND, &&

Logical AND. Evaluates to 1 if all operands are nonzero and not NULL, to 0 if one or more operands are 0, otherwise NULL is returned.

The operator precedence page also makes no distiction.

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AND is Standard SQL

&& is proprietary syntax

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According to this page they have the same functionality in SQL Server.

MySql has this to say on the subject

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That's not SQL Server syntax, that's Entity SQL syntax (from the Entity Framework). SQL Server only supports the standard SQL operator AND, not &&. –  Ruben Nov 5 '10 at 13:04

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