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In rails 3.0, I'm trying to get exception handling around middleware code. Specifically, if a request comes in with a content-type: application/json but an invalid json input, rails currently renders public/500.html - which is unfortunate.

Since this isn't in a controller yet, most of the things I've seen don't work/apply.

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Did you found any solution? I'm stuck with the same problem. –  Andrea Reginato Aug 1 '12 at 20:24

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You can rescue from the Exceptions thrown and decide what to do:

rescue_from Exception, :with => :render_exception

def render_exception
  # examine the Exception here
  # and decide which template to render
  render :template => "shared/???.html", :status => ???, :layout => 'error' 

Place this code in the app/controllers/application_controller.rb

I hope this is kind of what you're looking for ...

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