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I'm using AspectJ annotations instead of writing actual aspect files. I want to expose an annotation value to my advice.

I currently have this but it it doesn't expose the values inside MyAnnotation

@Before("execution(@MyAnnotation * * (..))")
public void intercept(JoinPoint jp) {

What I was thinking was something like this:

@Before("execution(@MyAnnotation * * (..)) && @this(MyAnnotation)")
public void intercept(JoinPoint jp, MyAnnotation myAnnotation) {

This clearly has a syntax error but was wondering if I was close. I can't seem to find an example syntax when using AspectJ annotations to do this.

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You are using type, when you should be using an identifier. The correct code is:

@Before("execution(@MyAnnotation * * (..)) && @this(myAnnotation)")
public void intercept(JoinPoint jp, MyAnnotation myAnnotation) {
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+1: Nice work Ramnivas! – Espen Nov 30 '10 at 10:19

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