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I'm trying to call String.format() having a String and Object[]. How can I do it?

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How exactly are you "trying"? And what is happening? –  Michael Borgwardt Nov 5 '10 at 16:00

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Simply like that:

String.format(myString, myArray);
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You should just be able to call

String text = String.format(formatString, args);

... assuming you want the args to be the multiple values. If you need extra wrapping, you have to do that yourself:

String text = String.format(formatString, new Object[] { args });

Basically, if the argument type already matches the parameter array type, the compiler doesn't do any wrapping.

From the JLS, section

If m is being invoked with kn actual argument expressions, or, if m is being invoked with k=n actual argument expressions and the type of the kth argument expression is not assignment compatible with T[], then the argument list (e1, ... , en-1, en, ...ek) is evaluated as if it were written as (e1, ..., en-1, new T[]{en, ..., ek}).

Note the "If" at the start - that's what effectively says that if the argument is already okay, no wrapping is performed.

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