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Hi I am creating a simple slide show with next / prev buttons. When you get to the last one it whizzes back to the first one. However, if a user goes click crazy and clicks next before the last (ie 3rd) image has finished coming in then the animation is triggered again and things move the wrong way.


I was wondering how do I stop the animations queing up. Kind of like disabling the "Next" button whilst the animation is happening or stopping the animation from adding to a queue if one is already going on. Here's part of my jQuery:

function moveSlide(wod, pxTM, btnClicked) {
    if (pxTM > 0) { // then its a one step move
            'left': '-=' + wod
        }, 'slow');
    if (pxTM == 0 && btnClicked == "clickNext") {
            'left': 0
        }, 'slow');

I have tried various .stop() and 'queue':'stop' but nothing seems to work.

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You can check if the element's animation queue has any element, and if it has none, you slide it.

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thanks of pointer = how would I check what's in the elements animation queue? –  maxelcat Nov 5 '10 at 16:44
Well, you could check through tinyurl.com/2bqloyx –  NoProblemBabe Nov 8 '10 at 13:43

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