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I'm using google-oauth-java and one thing that really complicates my life is that when I attempt using OAuthClient.invoke() I frequently get OAuthProblemException thrown due to request returning code 302 instead of 200. Because of that I found myself rewriting invoke code and usingOAuthClient.access() instead. I'm wondering if I'm missing some type of followRedirect setting? The documentation is non-existing and examples don't really help, can someone help me here?

Here's snippet from OAuthClient to illustrate

public OAuthMessage invoke(OAuthMessage request, ParameterStyle style)
        throws IOException, OAuthException {
    OAuthResponseMessage response = access(request, style);
    if ((response.getHttpResponse().getStatusCode() / 100) != 2) {
        OAuthProblemException problem = response.toOAuthProblemException();
        try {
        } catch (Exception ignored) {
        throw problem;
    return response;
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Since I dealt with this by using OAuthClient.access() and nobody is coming forward I'm going to accept my own solution

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