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I'm new to php and hope you can make me figure out whether I'm trying to do anything impossible.

I have two folders 'public' (root directory), and 'library' (all php files here), these folders are in same level of folder hierachy. my public/index.php is basically loading another php file (say aa.php) which is in 'library' folder on the loadup. Now I need to create a anchor link to file call bb.php which is also inside library folder.

I tried create anchor as follows

echo "<a href="bb.php"> my bb file </a>

But I'm getting 404 error saying localhost/bb.php can not be accessed. I guess this is because bb.php file is not with in root directory and server is preventing direct access to this file.

Please help me to overcome this problem.

Thank you

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You can't link to a file/script that is not in your publicly-accessible directory. –  Martin Bean Nov 5 '10 at 17:03
Your problem has nothing PHP related. With HTML file the problem would remain the same. –  Your Common Sense Nov 5 '10 at 17:03
Learn the basics, try Google... –  Halil Özgür Nov 5 '10 at 18:28

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If library/ and public/ are at the same level, the webserver will not be able to serve the files in library/. Typically, files in a library directory would be included by files in the public web folder.

If you need to use the bb.php directly, you will have to move it to public or a folder within public. And then from within public/bb.php you can include library files

/* public/bb.php */

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Move bb.php into the folder "public".

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