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On top of visual studio code editor, There are two drop down lists displays list of classes and members in then selected class. See the picture below. What do you call them and what are the shortcuts? So that I can navigate to methods and members using keyboard.

I am using Vs 2010


alt text

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CtrlF2Tab gets you there. Take a look at this link. Is there a hotkey in Visual Studio to open the member drop down list?

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Can use Edit -> Navigate to [Ctrl + ,]. or Solution Navigator in Vs Power Tools. But I am still looking for shortcut to access it directly.


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I guess it is Edit.ExpandCollapsableBaseTypeList (or something) in the Tools-Options-Keyboard. If that doesn't work you can always record a macro and assign a shortcut key for that.

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Recording macro didn't work in this case :( – iraSenthil Nov 5 '10 at 19:35

Not strictly on topic but ReSharper has a shortcut for this Alt+\

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