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Is there a C++ API for accessing stock quotes from Google finance?

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Did you do a search before asking? stackoverflow.com/search?q=google+finance+stock+quote shows that similar questions have been asked a few hundred times already. The answers may not be specific to C++, but the language makes little difference in this case. –  Jerry Coffin Nov 5 '10 at 17:24

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There's no C++ client library, if that is what you mean - just for Java and Javascript.

There are plenty of C++ libraries for HTTP and XML though, so you can certainly process the protocol directly if you wish. I guess you could call the Java client library using JNI also.

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The best course of action would probably be to use Boost.Asio to fetch the URL of interest, and process it yourself. Shouldn't be too hard. I have some example code here:

// Burst.Asio.HTTP.Client Example 1 https://github.com/hank/life/blob/master/code/cpp/burst/examples/asio.http_client/asio.http.1.cpp

// Burst.Asio.HTTP.Client https://github.com/hank/life/blob/master/code/cpp/burst/include/burst/asio/http/client.hpp

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