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I'm trying to install ant on my computer per this.

The instructions say to check whether ant is installed, type $ ant -v in a command window.

When I type that, I get this message: "$ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

Does this mean that ant is not installed? Is $ a command that would work if ant were installed?

I can't find a computer command beginning with $ on the web.

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`$' just indicates that you should type what it says into a shell.

Just type:

ant -v

Omit the dollar sign.

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$ is part of the shell prompt. It is there to show you which lines are input and which are output. Leave it out when entering the commands.

In the windows part, the prompt is "C:\path\to\working\dir>"

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$ is linux command prompt sign. For windows you can just ignore it

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ya $ is not recognized in win xp,

Is their any other method to know whether Ant is installed or not... Like for Java if you type java in cmd U will get few options....which tells that java is installed.

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The Unix command is ant -version

If Apache Ant is installed it will return:

Apache Ant(TM) version {version-number} compiled on {date}

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