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I have the following code:

  var qry = from sv in Context.DocStore_SearchValues
            where sv.Category == category
            select sv;
  return qry.FirstOrDefault() != null;

I am getting this message:

Unable to create a constant value of type 'SSS.Model.Suburban.DocStore_Category'. Only primitive types ('such as Int32, String, and Guid') are supported in this context.

How do I check for null? I tried as a string and I got the same message:

return string.IsNullOrEmpty(qry.FirstOrDefault().ToString());

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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You cannot use a non-primitive type in the where clause.

Change it to something like

where sv.Category.Name == someString
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Thank you! I went with: var qry = from sv in Context.DocStore_SearchValues where sv.Category.Name == category.Name select sv; –  ErocM Nov 5 '10 at 18:42

How about using the IEquatable Interface implemented for the Category class to make the point of encapsulating what you are trying to do in the query with an non-primitive type inside the object itself? So it looks something like this:

 var qry = from sv in Context.DocStore_SearchValues 
        where sv.Category.Equals(yourCategory) == true
        select sv; 

 return qry.Any(); 

Then you would use a partial file class to extend the Category class to implement the comparison logic.

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you'd generally want to do something like where category.Id == id instead of comparing strings, imo

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