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I'm experimenting arround with template engines lately and am stuck in a very early stage at a regular expression.

The first Step in my template engine should be to extract all template constructs. So I wrote following regular expression:

# Split all relevant parts apart to merger them later on.
exp_tags = re.compile(r'({[%|{](.*)[}|%]})')
print exp_tags.split(body)

which works fine, until 2 template constructs are in one line. The expression then merges them together and doesn't split one by one.



Should result in:

{'<section>', '{{title}}', 'title', '{{text}}', 'text', '</section>'}

But results in:

{'<section>', '{{title}}{{text}}', 'title}}{{text', '</section>'}

Anyone know how to achieve my goals with regular expressions?

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Regular expression quantifiers are greedy by default. Either use the non-greedy variant of * by appending ? to it:


Or use a negated character class to exclude the end delimiters.

By the way: The character class [a|b] does not mean either a or b but one of the set of {a, |, b} as the | is not interpreted as alternation but as a literal character.

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Thanks for the precise and fast answer. Appreciate that. –  nenTi Nov 5 '10 at 18:30

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