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I am trying to convert an XML string into and array. SimpleXmlIterator only accepts a path to a file as a parameter. Is there any way I can pass a string instead?

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According to the documentation:

SimpleXMLIterator::__construct ( string $data [, int $options [, bool $data_is_url [, string $ns [, bool $is_prefix ]]]] )

Therefore this loads a string:

$it = new SimpleXMLIterator ($xml_string);

This loads a file:

$it = new SimpleXMLIterator ($xml_filename, 0, true);
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Can't believe I missed that. Thanks a lot. –  Xerri Nov 5 '10 at 19:44

The ctor signature is

SimpleXMLIterator::__construct ( 
    string $data [, 
        int $options [, 
            bool $data_is_url [, 
                string $ns [, 
                    bool $is_prefix ]]]] )

so you should be able to pass in both: a string and a file by changing $data_is_url:

By default, data_is_url is FALSE. Use TRUE to specify that data is a path or URL to an XML document instead of string data.

Also, see the first user-contributed comment in the PHP Manual for SimpleXmlIterator for an example how to turn XML into an array. The example uses a file, but you should have no problems adapting this to your needs know.

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Where do you see that? SimpleXMLIterator accepts a string as XML data to the constructor by default... You can pass it a filename in the first parameter by setting the third parameter to true, but it defaults to false...

And asXml() has an optional $filename parameter, but you can leave it off if you want and it'll return a string...

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