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How do i output the data from table1 into table2 using Oracle8I? I am using Aqua Data Studio 7.5 and the backend is Oracl8i.

Please help! Thanks much!!!

Table1: Name Prods Cus_id Mark Rice 87311870 Judy Rice 87364239 Judy Bowl 87364239 Tom Apple 87404026 Tom Milk 87404026 Tom Coffee 87404026 Smith Peanut 87500245 Smith Tea 87500245 Ortiz Egg 87569724 Ortiz Cheese 87569724 Ortiz Pizza 87569724 Ortiz Pepper 87569724 Hunt Chips 87570092

Table2: Name Prod1 Prod2 Prod3 Prod4 Cus_id Mark Rice 87311870 Judy Rice Bowl 87364239 Tom Apple Milk Coffee 87404026 Smith Peanut Tea 87500245 Ortiz Egg Cheese Pizza Pepper 87569724 Hunt Chips 87570092

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use proper formatting –  Andrey Nov 5 '10 at 18:38

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Oracle SQL: Insert with Select

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