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I need help with a pretty basic Postgres command, but I cannot find a reference anywhere. My cluster is set up like this:

   \- schema_1
   \- schema_2
        \- relation_1
        \- relation_2
        \- ...
   \- relation_3
   \- relation_4
   \- ...

I know how to list databases (\l), and I know how to list relations in the "default" schema (\dt). Heck, I can even list schemas (\dn), but I cannot, for the life of me, list the relations within a schema.


Thanks, Joe

To pre-clarify, what I'm looking for is this:

> \c database_1
You are now connected to database_1
> \somecommand
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Try this one:

\dt schema_2.
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perfect, thanks :) At the same time I also discovered that asterisk will work with this as well (\dt schema_2.* or \dt schema_. etc etc) – Joseph Mastey Nov 5 '10 at 20:44

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