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I'm attempting to use procedures from a library written in the C language in an Win32 gui application.

The author of this library logs error messages to stderr as below.

fprintf(stderr, "Error in %s: %s\n", procname, msg);

How can I get the messages printed to stderr into a messagebox?


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stackoverflow.com/questions/7664/… might contain some useful info for you – Paul Dixon Nov 5 '10 at 19:39

You can use SetStdHandle to select another handle as your process' stderr. Create a pipe, have a thread waiting for information on that pipe and set that pipe's write handle as stderr. If you define a large enough buffer, you can probably skip the thread and just read the data from the pipe after each call to the library.

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If you have access to the code then the easiest way is to just sprintf to a buffer and call MessageBox() - rather than doing some level redirect of stderr.

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