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How can I load the items I saved (or tried to save) with NSCoder? I am using the cocos2d framework. Here's a method I made to save things.

-(void)save: (NSCoder *) coder {
    [coder encodeObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:level]];    
    [coder encodeObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:actualScore]];
    [coder encodeObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:actualHp]];
    [coder encodeObject:[NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:bunnyArray]];
    [coder encodeObject:[NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:moleArray]];

I get warnings that Passing Argument 1 of 'numberWithInt' makes integer from pointer without a cast.

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Here's how I'm loading it. – Joethemonkey101 Nov 6 '10 at 2:52
-(id)initWithCoder: (NSCoder *) decoder { level = [decoder decodeObjectForKey:kLevelKey]; actualScore = [decoder decodeObjectForKey:kScoreKey]; actualHp = [decoder decodeObjectForKey:kHealthKey]; bunnyArray = [decoder decodeObjectForKey:kBunnyArrayKey]; moleArray = [decoder decodeObjectForKey:kMoleArrayKey]; return decoder; } – Joethemonkey101 Nov 6 '10 at 2:53

Well, try

level = [[decoder decodeObjectForKey:kLevelKey] intValue];

if type of level is int.

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