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I have an app built using Visual Studio 2005, which can run rpt files. The .rpt files are stored in a particular folder and the db has metadata about the report name, filename, and stored procedure to run for it. When a user runs a report I call the appropriate stored proc to get a DataTable, create a ReportDocument and load the rpt file, SetDataSource() with the DataTable, then display the report in a CrystalReportViewer control.

If my client wants to be able to modify or create their own rpt files, which versions of Crystal Reports do they need to use?

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According to http://msdn.itags.org/visual-studio/115695/ , CR 11 Release 2 works. I would thoroughly check this on my end before telling the client, though.

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Don't take my marking this as the answer to indicate I thouroughly tested it :) –  Rory May 20 '11 at 10:05

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