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I'm getting some behavior with a container object's children I just don't understand.

I'm making four display objects children of an mx:Canvas object. When I call getChildren(), I see them all in order, right where I think they should be:


The fun begins when I call swapChildrenAt(0,1); that's supposed to swap the positions of 1 and 2, but instead I wind up with:


So, where did 1 go? Why, it's at position -1, of course.

getChildAt(-1): 1
getChildAt(1): 2
getChildAt(2): 3
getChildAt(3): 4

FWIW, MYSTERY_OBJECT_OF_MYSTERY is a 'border'. Don't know how it got there.

Regardless, I find it baffling that getChildAt() and swapChildrenAt() are apparently using different starting indexes. Can anybody shed some light on this behavior?

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You appear to be swapping the index of the display Objects instead of passing the display Objects at those location themselves.

The official documentation says "swapChildren(child1:DisplayObject, child2:DisplayObject):void" therefore the index of the Display Objects themselves cant be used.

I hope this solves your problem.

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