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we just finished our first iPhone app. Since yesterday we have the status 'ready for sale' in iTunes connect and the release date is also the 4th of November and it is set to worldwide sale. But the app cannot be found in the app store. Also when I click on the link 'view in app store' in iTunes connect it just says 'Nothing found'. Does anyone know if it can take any longer till the app can be found in the app store or where the problem is?

Thanks in advance

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It can take several hours for an app to propagate into the App Store; it should be there soon.

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I think it is also written in the mail you got. In the mail I got there is something written about "up to 24 hours".

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I got that mail. I was just wondering because I got it at 4pm on 11/04 and it is not available by now. I think I just have to wait a little more. –  Crazer Nov 6 '10 at 10:15
  1. Make sure to check the status of your contracts. If the contract status is Pending Contract, you may have to agree to the iOS and Mac Paid Applications contract or complete the associated bank and tax information for that contract.

  2. Make sure the availability date provided in the Rights and Pricing section is prior to today's date.

  3. If the date provided in the Rights and Pricing section is in the past, make sure you made your app available in at least one App Store territory.

  4. If your app was scheduled to go live within the last 24 hours, the app may be caching on the App Store. Once the 24-hour caching window has passed, close and open iTunes and search for your app again. You can also click View in App Store on your app's App Details page in the Manage Your Applications module.

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