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I'm trying to import a PDF into a XeLaTeX using \includepdf{xyz.pdf}. The file xyz.pdf is a scan created by a Xerox 5755 machine, and PDF version 1.3.

The error I get is:

   ** WARNING ** No valid name object found.
   ** WARNING ** Could not find a value in dictionary object.
   ** WARNING ** Didn't find "endobj".
   ** ERROR ** pdf_link_obj(): passed invalid object.

I've tried normalizing the PDF by running pdftk xyz.pdf output xyz2.pdf, and that does resolve the issue — but only for some PDF files, with no obvious relationship between those files pdftk fixes and those it does not. There are always some files normalized with pdftk that continue to exhibit the exact same error as the unnormalized file.

I've tried searching for a solution to this issue and come up with this thread: XeLaTeX problems with includegraphics, which suggests that the problem can be solved by using the -output-driver=xdv2pdf, or alternatively by using pdf(la)tex. Alas, I can't use PdfLaTeX because I need XeLaTeX's unicode support. As well, I'm using Linux so I can't use the Mac-specific xdv2pdf.

I'd be very much obliged for any thoughts and input on why these PDF's are failing to be loaded by XeLaTeX, and — better still — how one might 'fix' these PDFs.

Kind regards,


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Got the same issue. I tried xelatex -no-pdf latexdoc.tex then xdvipdfmx -V 5 latexdoc.xdv to use a newer version of PDF, but it didn't fix the issue. – jeje Dec 20 '10 at 17:18
@jeje: Did you try Luatex? – Brian M. Hunt Dec 20 '10 at 22:13

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Luatex (successor to Pdftex) also supports Unicode natively. What happens when you try compiling using lualatex?

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