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Suppose I have a game written in C/C++. For simplicity, I have:

struct masterStruct
       Coords player1;
       Weapon player1;
       Gravity player1;

Suppose this struct contains 1000s of variables that relate to the player. I want to be able to create a "snapshot" of the player's state at time t = 10s of my game with all of these variables. The snapshot should be saved in a fle.

Now, suppose my hard core developing group decided it is necessary to add a 1001th variable to the structure. Now, my game, expecting there to be 1000 variables fails to load the "snapshot" correctly (because of that last variable).

My question: how do I tackle such a dilemma? Should I create these "snapshots" with version numbers and a handshake between snapshot file and game loader so only approved version files will be loaded?

--------------------- Side Note: I am using Lua as the scripting language to parse all of these data which is pretty nice. It's just reading the variables which is a pain.


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Use a good serialization library with versioning support. Boost.Serialization is a very good library for this sort of thing.

Of specific interest to you should be this feature (quoted from the docs):

Independent versioning for each class definition. That is, when a class definition changed, older files can still be imported to the new version of the class.

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If I were to read this serialized data in Java, would it be possible? I'm trying to see if it's possible to support C++ and Java – Carlo del Mundo Nov 8 '10 at 14:36

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