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I want to write a method that needs NSEvent defined, so I need NSEvent.h. The SDK I am using (3.1.3) doesn't seem to have NSEvent.h within its frameworks. I found that it is in AppKit.framework, which I have under /Developers. Using Xcode, I navigated to the location of this AppKit and added it. Now AppKit appears in Xcode along with UIKit and so on in the Frameworks list, and when I open the AppKit framework's Headers in Xcode, it lists AppKit.h and NSEvent.h. Nonetheless, the lines:

 #import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
 #import <AppKit/NSEvent.h>

both produce "no such file or directory" messages.

Anyone know what's wrong?

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AppKit and NSEvent are not part of the iOS SDK. That is, they can't be used on the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Only on the Mac.

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