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I am using get_timestamp() to get timestamp, the return I am getting is:


But what I need is 2010-10-05T11:12:34

I need date in format of dd even if its a one-digit date. Is there a way I can do it? can i specify format while using get_timestamp()?

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You didn't actually specify what module get_timestamp() is from. But throw it away, and use DateTime:

use DateTime;
my $dt = DateTime->new(
    year => 2010,
    month => 10,
    day => 5,
    hour => 11,
    minute => 12,
    second => 34
print $dt->strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%T'), "\n";

# it also magically stringifies to your desired format:
print $dt . '', "\n";
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Thanks for the reply, I solved it with: date +"%Y-%m-%d""T""%T" - got it from bash itself. –  hari Nov 5 '10 at 23:00

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