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Is there a way to generate a class constraint with CodeDom.

Because when I use something like

var method = new CodeMemberMethod();
var genericParam = new CodeTypeParameter("InterfaceType");

the generated code is like

private InterfaceType GetImpl<InterfaceType>()
    where InterfaceType : @class

The best workaround i found is to use a leading whitespace before the class

genericParam.Constraints.Add(" class");

But this seems to be at best a workaround.

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It seems that there is no straigntforward way to specify that constraint. Neither for the "struct" constraint.

For the "T : new()" constraint use the flag HasConstructorConstraint

For the rest use CodeTypeReference as in this msdn example.

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I also use zero-width space ("\x200Bclass") instead of normal space. Then I replace it in final string with empty string: .Replace("\x200B", string.Empty);

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