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I'm kind of new to EF and RIA so I'm not sure if this is supposed to work or not.

I have a simple model shown here:

alt text

I added the POCO templates for entity framework and everything is wired as it sohould I can get Lazy Loading, Changes Notifications and Relationship Fixup... (I really hope you're still reading)

The thing is that while on the server I can load a Component's SubComponents by simply calling comp.SubComponents. BUT, for some reason I don't have that feature on the client side... My Component class from the RIAServices.web.g.cs (generated code) does not have a list of SubComponent.

Is that how that's suppose to work? Should I have a this function on the RIA Service?

public IEnumerable<SubComponent> GetSubComponents(int componentId)
    return m_ctx.SubComponents
           .Where(x => x.Component.Id == componentId)
           .OrderBy(x => x.Name);
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I don't know much about RIA services, but I doubt lazy loading can work from the client side... I think you need to load the SubComponents eagerly when you load the Components, before you send them to the client:

public IEnumerable<Component> GetComponents()
    return m_ctx.Components.Include("SubComponents")
           .OrderBy(x => x.Name);
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I have tried that, but the thing is my side Component does NOT have a SubComponents property :( thus I can't access a Component's SubComponent... I do can load the SubComponents 'by hand' and get them from the context (client context) – sebagomez Nov 6 '10 at 11:36
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In my metadata I was missing the attributes [Include] and [Association] in my Componet's metadata SubComponent property. The class has to look like this:

public partial class Component
    internal sealed class Metadata
        public int Id { get; set; }

        [Association("ComponentSubComponent","Id", "ComponentId")]
        public ICollection<SubComponent> SubComponents { get; set; }


I hope it helps someone :)

extra tip: I was having problems adding the [Include] attribute cause I was not referencing the right assembly. Make sure you add a reference to System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Server.dll

Edit: I forgot to mention that I was also missing ComponentId property on the SubComponent entity

alt text

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