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I have a query that needs to return the "week of year" of a date field but the customer of the query uses a non-standard first day of the week so TO_CHAR with 'IW' isn't returning the expected result. In this case the first day of the week is Saturday and Friday is the seventh day of the week.


What is the Oracle equivalent? The Oracle answers I've found in the google all talk about setting the NLS_TERRITORY like so ALTER SESSION SET NLS_TERRITORY = 'UNITED KINGDOM'; but I'm not seeing where I can pick an arbitrary day (other than perhaps finding a territory that uses Saturday).

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IW works with a Monday - Sunday week, so this should get you what you are looking for. Basically, get the week according to the day 2 days from now:

to_char(your_date + 2, 'IW')
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Oracle's default week format calculates the week number from the first day of the year instead of the first day of the week.

So if a year starts on 01-jan-2009 and the first day is on Wednesday, the week No. 1 will be from 01-jan-2009 to 08-jan-2009 (wednesday to tuesday).

You can use the "iw" format (and a little tweak) if you need the week range to start from sunday through saturday. http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B14117_01/server.101/b10749/ch9sql.htm#CIHGFJEI

Try this code below. I basically use the "IW" format and add a condition to get the week number to start from a given date.. say...01-jul-2008.

select target_date, 
        to_char(target_date+1,'iw') week_sun_thru_saturday,
        to_number(to_char(target_date+1,'iw')) -
        to_number(to_char( to_date('10-jul-2008','dd-mon-yyyy')+1,'iw')) week_from_01_jul_2008
from t;

Remember..This code will not give week number 1 from jul1st to jul-07 .unless of course 01-jul-2008 is a sunday ;)

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