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I have problems with Datareports in vb6.

I made a Dataenvironment with the command to access the rows I want to show Then I made the Datareport and in the datamember property I used the Dataenvironment created.

If I use the code:

Load datareport
datareport.Show 1

Then if I open the report and then I add more rows to the table, when I open the report again it doesnt change. I see the same output.

I read that I should reopen the connection. How is the correct way to open the connection for the datareport and then close it so that the MS Access database is not locked.

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Not sure about exact sequence of actions in Access, but Load command in VB6, when presented with a global object name, only loads it if it's not already loaded. You apparently need to Unload datareport at a certain moment (like, when you close it).

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It's automatically unloaded, unless you stop it in QueryUnload event (or similar). Only way not to unload it when closed by the user is to hide it (Visible = False) in QueryUnload event. –  wqw Nov 6 '10 at 9:33

First, you don't have to use Load explicitly for forms/reports, just accessing a property/method loads the instance.

Second, don't use the global instances of forms/reports -- Form1, DataReport1 -- this is legacy from MS Access compatibility and is strongly discouraged. You can create separate instances of forms/reports like regular classes with operator New -- Set MyInstance = New DataReport1

In your case easiest would be to replace your load/show code with something like this:

With New DataReport1
    .Show vbModal
End With

where DataReport1 is the name of your report class. This snippet each time creates a new instance of DataReport1 and shows it modally. The newly created instance is terminated when the user dismisses the UI window.

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Ok, I'll try with the instance and see if it works –  vicmp3 Nov 6 '10 at 14:34

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