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I installed Erlang R14B using the --enable-darwin-64bit option and set the bin directory in my PATH. When I run rabbitmq-server script from the 2.1.1 release I receive the following message:

{"init terminating in do_boot",{undef,[{rabbit_plugin_activator,start,[]},{init,start_it,1},{init,start_em,1}]}}

Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump init terminating in do_boot ()

I am unable to decipher any useful information in the dump file.

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brew install rabbitmq

Seriously, checkout Homebrew

also, to make it run, you can also use

cd scripts/

./rabbitmqctl start_app
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That would not have worked. My problem was with the rabbitmq.com/releases/rabbitmq-server/v2.1.1/… that I downloaded and what Homebrew would have downloaded. –  Hokiedood Nov 10 '10 at 23:53

Instead of using the "Source code and tools (tar.gz)" rabbitmq-server from the RabbitMQ site use the "Packaged for generic Unix systems" rabbitmq-server.

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