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I have a collection of users in a object @users.

In the Ruby language, what are the various ways of looping this collection?

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The most common way would be to use

# do something with user

Other than that there are the usual index based for loops.

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After each ends, user will be inaccessible; after a for ends, user will have the last value that was put into user. Good to know. –  Zabba Nov 6 '10 at 6:19
@users.each { |user| do_something(user) }

@users.each do |user| 

for user in @users

The first two are idiomatic. You also have methods like each_with_index if you need an index variable as well. There are many more, check the docs.

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By "collection of users", do you mean you have an array of something representing users? Arrays mix-in the Enumerable module, which gives you lots of nice ways of traversing its contents.

If "collection of users" means you created some object that contains the collection, then by implementing the each method and mixing in Enumerable you get all its methods. Your each method will have to iterate over successive users in your collection one at a time, one user per call.

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