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I have created a wpf application ,there are two canvas i would like to store controls of both cancas to one collection so that i can process them without two loop. What is the best method to implement this .

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You could use LINQ's Union operator to pull the two Canvas.Children collections together into one:

for (UIElement child in canvasOne.Children.Cast<UIElement>()

Note the following:

  • The code shown doesn't actually create a new, mutable collection that you can modify; it merely sets up an IEnumerable<UIElement> such that you can iterate over both collections' elements in one go. That is, the two existing collections will be accessed, not a new one.

  • The Cast<UIElement> operator is necessary because Canvas.Children does not implement IEnumerable<T>, but only IEnumerable.

  • You need to reference the System.Core.dll assembly in your project, and import the System.Linq namespace in your code file for this to work.

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just look at this link

How do you access the children of a WPF Canvas class?

this is how you can get the childrens from canvas and you can create collection using this.

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