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Sorry for my bad English. I have 2 projects. Project 1 is a MFC dll that contains class CMyContainer, class CEmployee. Project 2 is my main project. In project 2, I created an instance of CMyContainer of type CEmployee. Now I want to sort the container but I got an error

"error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "bool __cdecl MyComparer(class CEmployee *,class CEmployee *)" (?MyComparer@@YA_NPAVCEmployee@@0@Z) referenced in function "public: void __thiscall CMyContainer<class CEmployee>::sortContainer(void)" (?sortContainer@?$CMyContainer@VCEmployee@@@@QAEXXZ)"

How can I fix this problem?

// file MyContainer.h in project 1

#include <vector>

template <class T> 
class _declspec(dllexport) CMyContainer

    void sortContainer(); 
    std::vector<T*> items;  
    typename std::vector<T*>::iterator it;
template <class T> void CMyContainer<T>::sortContainer()
    typedef bool (*comparer_t)(T*,T*);
    comparer_t cmp = &MyComparer;
    std::sort(items.begin(), items.end(), cmp);

//File Employee.h in project 1
#include "MyContainer.h"

class _declspec(dllexport) CEmployee
        void setEmployeeCode(CString);
        CString getEmployeeCode();
        friend bool MyComparer(CEmployee*, CEmployee*);
        CString m_szEmployeeCode;

//File Employee.cpp in project 1
void CEmployee::setEmployeeCode(CString val){
    m_szEmployeeCode= val;

CString CEmployee::getEmployeeCode(){

    return  m_szEmployeeCode;
bool MyComparer(CEmployee*pEmp1, CEmployee*pEmp2)
    return (pEmp1->getEmployeeCode().Compare(pEmp2->getEmployeeCode())<0);
//File main.cpp in project 2
#include <..\Models\MyContainer.h>
#include <..\Models\Employee.h>
CMyContainer<CEmployee> *pListEmployee;
... // insert into pListEmployee
// sort pListEmployee
pListEmployee.sortContainer();//-> This command cause error
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Try to export MyComparer from the .dll with _declspec(dllexport)

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It works. Thanks for your help. I just think MyComparer is export with class CEmployee but I am wrong :-) –  ducva Nov 7 '10 at 1:22

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