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Does anyone know a good resource or some pointers which could help me make a side scrolling tile based (descreet movement for character) with box pushing and moving platforms etc. I'm focused right now C/C++ console development (tho after this project I may stop and do stuff a little more graphical, still C/C++). Something bit like Super Serib Bros. I've taken a look at the code of SSB and I have some idea of how it works, tho the variable names aren't particularly helpful.

It occurs to me someone somewhere must have thought about his problem before. So before I go re-inventing the wheel, any clues?

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You'd probably be best signing in one of the better known game development groups, for example GameDev or DevMaster as well as checking out the stuff Microsoft pushes.

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I'm not sure how many resources you will find for making games, as most open source games develop their own tools and commercial games keep their tools private.

I think that the best strategy is to start from scratch, using existing low-level libraries.

For C++, I recommend using Box2d for physics and HGE for graphics. I have also heard that python's pygame library is good, but have not tried it myself.

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You don't need physics for a game like that. That'll over-complicate it. –  Mark Sep 13 '09 at 19:17

I use a an editor/engine called RPG Maker for fun in my spare time. You can download the demo for free. It is a tile based rpg engine and is pretty basic, but the engine is written in ruby and can be browsed very easily.

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