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I'm playing around with ADO.NET Data Services and would like to import the output from a query into a spreadsheet. Although Excel 2007 allows me to import the results of a request from the web page, the resulting spreadsheet contains all the XML header info which makes seeing/working with the data impossible for my users. Can't seem to find a solution. Any help? Thx.

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Did you go to the Data Tab.
Then From Other Sources and then XML Data Import?

Use the URL of the data. I used Jon Udell's Blog feed as a test and it worked.

If I knew of a public ADO.NET Services URL I could test it out.

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It doesn't work properly because feed web services have special xml format which is different from ATOM that is used by ado.net data services. check out this url for a not very well solution: http://geeks.netindonesia.net/blogs/andriyadi/archive/2009/07/16/oba-excel-amp-ado-net-data-services.aspx

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