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I know how to validate a field for numeric values, but how can you validate the field if invalid characters have been pasted into the field. Often we have a numeric field, and then an action button, and the numeric field may not fire a blur event when the action button is clicked. How can you force (re)validation in this case? Do you do it again in the click event of the action button, or there there a more elegant solution?

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Not really answering your question about pasting but offering an alternative: you could subscribe for the submit handler of the form and perform the validation there. Even more elegant is to use the jquery validation plugin which will do the job of subscribing for you so that you only need to define the rules and error messages:

$(function() {
        rules: {
            someFieldName: {
                required: true,
                number: true
        messages: {
            someFieldName: {
                required: 'please enter a value',
                number: 'please enter a valid number'
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