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How can I cross compile my GTK+ app (written in C) from Linux to Windows? Could I just replace the "gcc" command with "mingw32"?

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It shows that you need a little more than just change compiler.

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This page is 10 years old. Is it still accurate ? –  azmeuk Jan 17 at 17:29
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Fedora has a great mingw32 cross-compiler toolchain which comes with lots of precompiled libraries, including GTK+ and gtkmm. For most applications you just need to install the cross-compiler and the cross-compiled GTK+ libraries: yum install mingw32-gcc mingw32-gtk2

Once everything needed is installed, compiling your application is just the matter of running "mingw32-configure" followed with "make".

More information at the project page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MinGW

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You can use mingw-cross-env - all you have to do then is to change your CC/CXX environment path to use the i686-mingw32- prefix and export the mingw-cross-env bin dirs (both) to your PATH variable (or if you are using autotool it's even easier) - see the documentation on the homepage.

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not quite, picking up CFLAGS and stuff for GTK isn't quite that simple, you'd need to make sure pkg-config is looking in the right place –  Spudd86 Nov 22 '10 at 21:19
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