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i'm generating password with letters, digits and special characters ('¿"&$%/\>]{}(=?)*@!<-_¡+[') and i need to escape special character in templates like ASCII symbols, i generate a list of values like this

['0iw0Vqds)*\xc2Ni1P', '<gFLbKi}55(dN[R', '5G<E\\3}+vz72vu{', 'q3ojs$S33rQW$vs', 'IhAV$@3H3uNx\xbfOI', 'uA>>u\\g\xa1vf0\xc2o4t', 'siNyC$JX46bDXZ\xc2', 'R<8\xa1Y{\\]{Wcd/G>', 'D()SuvqdokB\xc2tcR', 'z31LPP{[$n{6_p\xc2']

i my template i do:

{% for var in password_list %}
{% endfor %}

I'm using utf-8 in my views.py (# -- coding: UTF-8 --). and i tried with {{var|escape}} and {{var|escape|safe}} but the templates only show in this case the third element in list (q3ojs$S33rQW$vs)

what can i do??

thanks in advance!

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If you're going to be using ¿ and ¡ then you're going to need to be using unicodes instead of strs.

Unicode in Python, Completely Demystified

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thanks man, its work for me!! :D –  eos87 Nov 6 '10 at 15:24

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