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I am trying to render a simple chart using SSRS. The data is in an Excel sheet. I have set up an user DSN and created a data source in SSRS using ODBC.

I am able to query the excel in "Data" tab. However while trying to preview, I get the following error:

error [hy000] [microsoft] [odbc excel driver] the connection for viewing your linked Microsoft Excel worksheet was lost.

Anyone knows why this is happening and how this can be solved?

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I would consider creating a SQL Sever Integration Services package to import the data from Excel to a SQL database and using the database as the data source for the report. The SSIS package could be scheduled to periodically refresh the data. Using a file based data source like Excel is vulnerable to people modifying the structure of the spreadsheet and moving, deleting or locking the file.

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Seems to be a fleeting error. I deleted the dataset, created a new one and re-ran again. It worked.

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