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I've been working with Flash CS5 (for a very short time..). I got a XFL file, its library files and AS files in a directory. I would like to use Flash Builder 4(FB) for editing AS files, running the compiled SWF and profiling.

When I created a New->ActionScript project in FB, I could edit the AS files but didn't know how to link the XFL file and run them. When I created a New->Flash Professional Project, I was prompted for a XFL file, and although the chosen XFL file and the AS files are in a same directory, the AS files are not automatically included in the project. I couldn't find a way to add exiting files in the project either. I'm fairly new to this Flash & Flex Platform and not getting this..

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Use NewFlash Professional Project.

Flash Builder will automatically create a new ActionScript file, and you will probably want to use yours instead. Right-click on your project, Properties, ActionScript Build Path, Source Path. Then remove the folder which was added and instead, add yours, which in your case should be .. In the lower part of the panel, you have to change the Main source folder to your actual source folder. Press OK so that it refreshes the project.

Now go back in your project properties, ActionScript Applications, press Add and select your actual main ActionScript file. Press OK, then select it again and Set it as Default.

You should now be able to open your ActionScript file and build it inside Flash Builder by selecting the Publish Movie option. It will automatically open Flash Professional to build the project.

Note that the Flash convention is to use a src folder in your project for ActionScript files. I suggest you use a ui folder for your .xfl and .fla documents.

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THANKS A LOT!!! I now know the very existence of the settings you told me. I followed your advise and created src & ui folders, and it worked :) I tried to preserve my original folder structure, but because of some errors in Flash Builder, I couldn't use . or .. or \ for the main source folder. – wooohoh Nov 8 '10 at 17:23
When I tried to publish from Flash Builder, Flash couldn't locate the sources files and raised many errors. I fixed it by Flash CS 5->ui.xfl->ActionScript Settings->source path->add new path (.\src). – wooohoh Nov 8 '10 at 18:09

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