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I got many time durations in "hh:mm:ss" and want to display the sum of these as "dd hh:mm:ss". Excel 2007 does this correct as long the summation number of days is less or equal the number of days in current month.

It is not possible to overload days using "[dd]" as you can with hours, minutes and seconds.

Duration examples

A1 00:54:12
A2 14:02:00
A3 12:20:01
A4 23:59:59
A5 =Sum(A1:A4)

Which non-array formula can I use to achieve wanted format ?

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Use the formula

=floor(sum(A1:A4))&" "&floor(mod(sum(A1:A4),1)*24)&":"&=floor(mod(mod(sum(A1:A4),1)*24,1)*60)&":"&mod(mod(mod(sum(A1:A4),1)*24,1)*60,1)*60

which will generate the result as a string with the correct days hours:minutes:seconds. You'll probably want to pad each hours/minutes/seconds atom to get two digits

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Thanks. You have a misplaced "=". Padding was easily done with " TEXT(hour/min/sec-part,"00") " as its only numbers. –  Kim Nov 7 '10 at 0:24

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