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I've got the basics of LINQ-to-SQL down, but I've been struggling trying to get JOINs to work properly. I'd like to know how to convert the following to LINQ-to-SQL (ideally using method chaining, as that is my preferred format)

SELECT      c.CompanyId, c.CompanyName,
            p.FirstName + ' ' + p.LastName as AccountCoordinator,
            p2.FirstName + ' ' + p2.LastName as AccountManager
FROM        dbo.Companies c
INNER JOIN  dbo.Persons p
ON          c.AccountCoordinatorPersonId = p.PersonId
INNER JOIN  dbo.Persons p2
ON          c.AccountManagerPersonId = p2.PersonId


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Using query syntax:

from c in dbo.Companies
join p in dbo.Persons on c.AccountCoordinatorPersonId equals p.PersonId
join p2 in dbo.Persons on c.AccountManagerPersonId equals p2.PersonId
select new
    AccountCoordinator = p.FirstName + ' ' + p.Surname,
    AccountManager = p2.FirstName + ' ' + p2.Surname

Using method chaining:

dbo.Companies.Join(dbo.Persons, c => c.AccountCoordinatorPersonId, p => p.PersonId, (c, p) => new { Company c, AccountCoordinator = p.FirstName + ' ' + p.Surname })
             .Join(dbo.Persons, c => c.Company.AccountManagerPersonId, p2 => p2.PersonId, (c, p2) => new { c.Company.CompanyId, c.Company.CompanyName, c.AccountCoordinator, AccountManager = p2.FirstName + ' ' + p2.Surname);
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Thanks for the extremely awesome example...still useful 3.5 years later! –  Jeff Johnson Mar 7 at 18:01
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This site might help you. They've got several samples on how to translate SQL into LINQ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vbasic/bb688085.aspx

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