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Could you tell me if you know any programs that can generate ER-diagrams from an existing postgres-sql database on osx snow leopard? Didn't find something useful in google...


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you can use SchemaSpy, which is a fantastic tool. A little tricky to set up for the first time. So, i've written a step-by-step for it. – kmonsoor Dec 1 '15 at 21:53
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DbVisualizer is a Java Swing app which can generate relation graphs from any JDBC source (including PostgreSQL). I've found the best way to view the generated graph (after you have found a layout you like) is to print it to PDF and use to view the result. The built-in view is somewhat lacking.

There are also a few Graphviz options around including AutoDoc (example output). This may be a better option if you are automating the documentation generation. With a bit of work you can style the output quite a bit. (discontinued now)

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Cool thanks! Its better than aqua studio! – Lichtamberg Nov 7 '10 at 15:24
I just wasted half an hour of my life trying to get DB Visualizer to simply show me some kind of diagram. Not intuitive at all. – Nate Feb 2 '13 at 0:45
@Nate I agree it's not super-intuitive, but it's pretty easy. For those just stumbling upon this question (like myself): just double-click on the DB/schema in the navigator pane and then select the "References" tab. If you select the whole DB it'll give you all of the system tables too -- you can filter out tables that you don't want by selecting the "Specified Tables" option. – ach Jun 7 '13 at 13:58

You can also try out SQL*Power Architect

To download it without the nasty registration go directly to the project page on Github:

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ERMaster is free GUI editor for ER diagrams and runs as Eclipse plugin. It has a feature to create ER diagram by importing tables from existing database. It supports several databases (MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgresSQL, HSQLDB, SQLITE, SQLServer) but so far I have only tried it with Postgres.

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In schemaSpy another library (graphViz) is required to be able to draw the ER diagram. With this additional app worked fine for me.

Can be downloaded from this site.

SchemaSpy worked very well for me, you can navigate through different entities viewing children's and parents diagrams (html).

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i have posted a step-by-step guide to use SchemaSpy.jar properly to generate ER diagram & much more analysis on a database. – kmonsoor Dec 18 '14 at 20:40

After I tryed many options, the best is use any product of All of that work with Postgresql, mysql, oracle, and any other database that JDBC driver could load

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Fwiw, the database tool is not available on community editions of their IDEs. – mike Jan 27 '15 at 23:11

Try Aqua Data Studio

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Use schemaSpy, it's a java app which generates html documentation, the most interesting things are the hyperlinks in the schema to see more specific information

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pgdesigner is an open source one. Seems like it could be nice but it crashes when I try to import my databases.

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