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I'm building a formset like so:

InterestFormSet = modelformset_factory(Interest, \
    formset=BaseInterestFormSet, exclude=('userid',), extra=2) 

And I want set default labels and values for elements of this form.

I know that in simple forms I can use the fields dict to change these things for specific fields of the form, but how is this done with a formset?

I tried extending the formset (as you can see) to see if I could access self.fields from within __init__, but no luck.

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Something like this should do what you want:

class InterestForm(ModelForm):
    pub_date = DateField(label='Publication date')

    class Meta:
        model = Interest
        exclude = ('userid',)

InterestFormSet = modelformset_factory(Interest, form=InterestForm, extra=2)
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Formsets don't have fields, they only have forms which have fields. So you have to deal directly with those forms.

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Is it possible to get the forms that comprise a formset? – ty. Nov 7 '10 at 3:57

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