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I am new to GDB (and debugging in general). Is it possible to jump to some location/address in the code/executable while debugging in GDB ?

Let say I have something similar to the following

int main()
  caller_f1() {  

   f1();  // breakpoint  
   f2() } // want to skip f2() and jump 

  caller_f2() { // jump to this this location ??       
   f2(); }  

Thanks !

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There seems to be a jump command which is exactly what you are looking for:


Updated link: http://web.archive.org/web/20140101193811/http://idlebox.net/2010/apidocs/gdb-7.0.zip/gdb_18.html#SEC163

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anyone can find where that 404ed link point to? –  gcb Sep 26 at 3:23
added archive.org link –  hojusaram Sep 26 at 13:02

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