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i use jquery calendar in a page. i used a common settings for all the dates such as dob, date of join, married date, order date etc. Now i want to set some additional settings for some dates, such as dob should not take future value. So i want to use the general settings and additional seetings. I keep the general settings in a common file. How do I add additional settings in each page. thanks for your time.

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You might want to consider the Validation plugin.

It will give you 4 new validations:

  • dpDate - basic format validation
  • dpMinDate - validation against a minimum date limit only
  • dpMaxDate - validation against a maximum date limit only
  • dpMinMaxDate - validation against minimum and maximum date limit

You can see a demonstration of how this will work with the jQuery DatePicker here (click the Validation tab).

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Use the following code...

$('#<%=txtDate.ClientID%>').change(function() {
                    var date = $(this).val();
               var arrDate = date .split("/");
var today=new Date();
var useDate = new Date(arrDate[2], arrDate[1]-1, arrDate[0]); 

                     showStatus(true, 'Your Message Here');
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