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I am trying to write a company's details parser that can split text like the following into it's constituent parts:


Total Signature Management

Wookey Hole Road




Tel: +44(0)1749 682384

Fax: +44 (0)1749 682235

The problem I am having is, how I can tell that "Total Signature Management" is not actually part of the address? Normally, a company will display its name "THALES LAND AND JOINT SYSTEM" and line 2 would normally be the first part of the address.

In the case above, the company name is followed by a non address part, is there anyway to tell the difference?


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You could calculate the probability of Address<->Description based on the occuring words. In this example it's quite obvious: the "road" line is much more likely to be part of an address than the "management" line.

This should work nicely if the non-address part will only appear after the company name. If it's possible that the non-address parts can be found somewhere in the text, it's getting near to impossible to separate them without further information.

Maybe you want to take a look on a similar question I asked yesterday.

Edit: You could create a statistical model based on previous categorized address-parts (the ones you are sure, that they are addresses ;) ).

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