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in the Microsoft.Ink world for WinForms, using an InkCollector object, a user could get the timestamp of a point in a stroke via this approach. The WPF world relies instead on the InkCanvas object, and while it has many properties, I can't seem to find a Tick or Timestamp for StylusPoints collected in the strokes. Is there an equivilant way to do this in the WPF InkCanvas?

it looks like I can intercept the strokes like this, but the StylusPoint is a sealed struct, so I can't just inherit/add a new property.

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From the link you showed, the parameter to the functions is RawStylusInput - - which has a Timestamp property.

So, it seems you don't have access to a timestamp per point, but for each event. I suspect that's all the resolution available from WinForms anyway.

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